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Witches Ladder


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    Witches' Ladder

    A witch's ladder ???? But what is it ?

    The Witch's Ladder is an ancient protection spell. Originally made of rope and feathers (rope with 40 knots or 40 beads) it has been modernized. Today it is made up of different materials, stones, feathers, crystals and the number of beads can vary...

    In the past, the witch's ladder was used for evil purposes, today it is mainly used for healing, to amplify and develop one's abilities and gifts and to fulfill various wishes.
    Like the mâlâ, the witch’s ladder is used to “meditate, purify oneself and connect to the divine. »

    You can carry it with you as a symbol of protection. Made up of different stones for different needs, it can help you develop your gifts and your feelings on the energetic side.

    We will make one personalized for you, according to your energy and energy needs.

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