Glass water bottle infused with healing crystals, tea infusion


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    Glass water bottle infused with healing crystals, tea infusion.

    Nourish and hydrate your body with crystal-infused water.

    Each stone brings a different energy.

    Rose Quartz for self-love, emotional healing, compassion and forgiveness.

    Green aventurine, opens and purifies the heart, confidence in life, abundance, luck, and vitality.

    Citrine is the stone of abundance and prosperity, happiness, manifestation and it transforms negative energies into positive ones.

    Lapis lazuli is a stone of self-awareness, intuition, truth and higher wisdom.

    Clear Quartz is the stone of wisdom and the divine, it is a master healer and allows you to connect with your inner self.

    Combination of 7 stones for the 7 chakras, balances your energy and amplifies it. Connects you to your highest self.

    Tiger's Eye brings courage, inner strength and motivation. It allows you to take actions to achieve your goals.

    Garnet is a stone of health and vitality, courage, love and motivation.

    Amethyst is the stone of peace and inner calm, peaceful sleep, transformation and deepening spiritual connections.